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May Day Holiday Travel Guide: Beijing - Find the "lost" tracks (18)

By Xue Meng (People's Daily Online)

10:47, April 25, 2012

City Transportation

Beijing Capital International Airport has the biggest international terminal in China and is located 30km northeast to the center of Beijing. The airport has 3 terminals and it takes about 1 hour by taxi to the city center. You may also take the Airport Express running every 15 minutes between Airport and Dongzhimen or Sanyuanqiao Subway Station. The total journey takes about 30 minutes and the price for a single trip is 25RMB. Of course another cheaper option is to take the Airport Shuttle bus running every 30 minutes from 05:30 to 21:00. The service covers different routes to all areas in Beijing and it only costs 16RMB.

Nanyuan Airport is located in Fengtai District, about 15km south of Tian’anmen Square. It now only services a few domestic routes.

Beijing railway system can be said as the central railway hub for China. There are four main railway stations (Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station and Beijing North Railway Station) going everywhere in China. You can buy tickets either in the train stations or at a local train ticket office.

Beijing is the first city in China to have a subway. It’s probably the fastest way to get around the city since there are often traffic jams during peak time. Single ticket is 2RMB.

Public Bus
Public buses are the cheapest way to travel in Beijing. You can almost get anywhere by bus in Beijing and the cheapest ticket is about 1RMB. If you buy a Transportation Pass, you may enjoy a 60% off when taking the bus, which makes your cheapest ticket 0.4RMB. However, if the bus number is bigger than 500, don’t forget to swap your card twice (when you get on and when you get off). Otherwise you will be charged for the whole route since these buses charge by the number of stops you take.

Starting price is 10RMB and 2RMB is charged for every extra km after 3km. There are also a 3RMB fuel surcharge if your trip distance is more than 3km.

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