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May Day Holiday Travel Guide: Beijing - Find the "lost" tracks (6)

By Xue Meng (People's Daily Online)

10:47, April 25, 2012

Jingxi Ancient Road (People's Daily Online/Xue Meng)

Beijing Top Hiking Routes – Jingxi Ancient Road

Jingxi Ancient Road, once roamed by messengers, pilgrims and merchants, is a 1000-year old road goes over hills and through valleys connecting villages and temples. It’s located in west of Beijing, covering the Mentougou District like a big net. The hills located at west Beijing are generally called as Xishan (West Hill). This area has provided millions of Beijing residents ways of living through the coal mines since the Yuan Dynasty. At the same time, it was an importation pass road for merchants as it also produces stone as well as exquisite glass works. The main road connecting the Jingxi Ancient Road, Xishan Road, has witness the development of a nation, the prosperity of business network, religious activitites as well as the contruction of city walls.

This is a really good trip if you would like to see different faces of Beijing.

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