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Sudan's army denies bombing in South Sudan (2)


08:18, April 24, 2012

"The Sudanese Armed Forces launched ground and aerial bombardments on SPLA positions in Unity State, Teshwin, Unity oil field, Lalop and Panakuach on Sunday afternoon," the SPLA deputy militarily intelligent told Sudan Tribune.

"Of course we withdrew [from Heglig] after the decision that was taken by the council of ministers and the government of South Sudan. We are here accountable to the government, so we executed the order immediately. We came to Teshwin where we are supposed to have our defenses. Today at around 10:00 a.m., they sent about ten Toyota mounted guns as a reconnaissance. They had an engagement with our troops," said Bol.

The SPLA official added that Khartoum is not complying with recent international calls for both sides to refrain from hostility. He claimed that despite SAF attacks on Sunday by ground and air, South Sudan managed to repulse them back and seize Toyota land cruiser from SAF.

He stressed that South Sudan government is not planning for war but willing to negotiate with Sudanese government.

After recovering Heglig, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir announced that his country would not hold any talks with South Sudan on the oil issue, and will not allow South Sudan to transport oil through Sudanese territory.

Addressing a mass rally on Friday evening in central Khartoum to celebrate the "liberation" of Heglig oil field by the Sudanese army, al-Bashir said "we will no longer allow South Sudan's oil to pass through, even if they split oil revenues with us," according to the reports.

The Sudanese president noted that Juba would only "use the oil revenues to destroy Sudan and to finance the criminals in Sudan," adding that the door for talks with South Sudan on the oil issue had been closed.

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