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Fake news is a real problem (3)

By Liu Wei  (China Daily)

09:07, April 23, 2012

Since major Western media, such as Hollywood Reporter and the Daily Mail, spread the fake news without checking sources, the finger of blame should not be pointed at Cameron.

And since SARFT did not itself openly respond to the fake news, it did not help itself. Its silence, in fact, made the situation worse.

Actually the reason for the cut to the movie is quite simple and reasonable: China has no rating system, so nude scenes are not allowed on the big screen.

Since the Internet's ability to spread information is so potent, it can effectively promote a film far wider than traditional media, but this also has side effects.

It makes creating fast-spreading rumors an extremely easy thing to do.

New media create challenges not only for Web users but also for the press and government.

Meanwhile, members of the public need to think before they forward fake news and the press and government need to respond more quickly and be more transparent.

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