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Fake news is a real problem (2)

By Liu Wei  (China Daily)

09:07, April 23, 2012

On April 14, Doubandounimei claimed that he originally posted the monologue on his Sina Weibo page (China's Twitter) and added the tag "fake news". But the "news" was reposted without the original tag.

It's an example of the ease which fake news can be manufactured and disseminated.

Another recent example is comedian Zhao Benshan, whose photo was supposed to have been used on the cover of French black metal band Nocturnal Depression.

The fake album cover was reposted thousands of times. While most people realized it was a joke, others believed it was true. The rest didn't care either way, but just joined in the game of spreading the story because it was "fun". To be fair, it is not the responsibility of the general public to determine whether these fake news items are true or not - though public figures should be more cautious about passing on falsities.

However, the media and certain government departments should do their jobs and not propagate false rumors.

Regrettably, some media organizations, both at home and abroad, publicized the Titanic fake news without confirming its truth with the State Administration of Radio, Film and TV (SARFT), the department responsible for cutting movies.

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