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More efforts needed despite good news from Middle East (2)

By Ruan Zongze (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

08:22, April 20, 2012

As for Iranian nuclear issue, some Western nations including the United States think that Iran makes nuclear weapons in the name of civil nuclear program and it might secretly purify the enriched uranium with a purity of 20 percent to weapon-grade purity, which Iran denied strongly.

In the future talks, both sides certainly will make a big fuss about the problem of uranium purity and make inspection on the table. Previously, the United States and Europe had intensified their sanctions against Iran. They not only embargoed Iran’s oil exports but also wanted to cut off economic arteries of Iran. Iran proposed to exchange cooperation for cancel of sanction. Recently, Israel threatened Iran to attack the country's nuclear facility. All the above factors make the Iranian nuclear issue difficult to make a breakthrough in the short run.

China has been deeply involved in the above hot issues. It no longer turns a deaf ear in the light of its own interests. Instead it should responsibly mediate and actively participate in the amicable settlement of these issues, which is the best choice to maintain the interests of China.

Li Baodong, China's permanent representative to the United Nation, said on the General Assembly that China hopes the advance group strictly observes neutrality, fully respects the sovereignty of Syria and accurately performs authorization of the UN Security Council. China called for the international community to continue to support the mediation efforts of Annan.

Ma Zhaoxu, head of Chinese delegation on the talk of Iran's nuclear issue, said that China hopes the talk has a good start and China is ready to join the other parties to continue to play a constructive role in promoting the fair, reasonable and peaceful resolve of the Iranian nuclear issue.

The cooling of the two hot issues indicates that it is hopeless to resort to force and dialogue and diplomacy are effective. All parties can find ways to resolve the problems so long as they show their sincerity and are based on the principle of solving the problems and defusing conflicts.

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