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China to have even better days in the future (2)

(People's Daily Online)

15:54, April 17, 2012

Historically, China's national strength was weak and China was always attacked by others in the past, but now, China's international status has greatly risen and the situation is completely different. China was on the edge of the international stage in the past, but now, China is at the center of it and is a focal point of the whole world. China used to be ignored and regarded as an unpromising country, but now, a lot of countries rely on China heavily. China's economy accounted for only a small percentage of the global economy in the past, but now, it is an important or even the largest trade partner to many countries. And China is also world’s largest market and an important investor.

Talking about opportunities and good days does not mean that China is not facing any challenge or difficulty. But the challenges currently faced by China are much easier to handle than the old ones. In the past, it was a challenge of fighting for survival in a difficult and isolated position, but now, it is a challenge of how to be a leader sitting in a chair on the rostrum. In the past, it was a challenge of having no money to spend, but now, it is a challenge of how to spend so much money in a proper way. In the past, it was a challenge of how to participate in the game, but now, it is a challenge of how to play the game. The current challenges faced by China are “growing pains.” As China is becoming stronger, troubles and problems of such kind will continue increasing, and we need to be wiser and more resourceful to cope with and handle them. After all, China's national strength and international status have become completely different.

Currently, the world is more optimistic about China, and many foreigners actually are envying Chinese people's good days. Scholars including Martin Jacques believe that the West has been blindfolded by its arrogance and self-centered mind. Facing China's success, the West should re-examine itself and learn from China timely. While others agree with the "theory of China having a brilliant economic future," we have no reason to lower our own morale, misjudge the global development trend and China's own condition, underestimate our development potential and even look down upon ourselves and lose confidence. Of course, we should always be aware of various risks and challenges and should not be over-confident or doing nothing. Actually, most opportunities are hard-earned, and therefore, we need to create and seize them. As long as we continue focusing on our own development and continue being humble, cautious, enterprising and brave, our days will certainly become better and better.

Sun Yat-sen once said that nationalism and cosmopolitanism should be unified and Chinese people should be citizens of not only China but also the world in the next 100 years. The words are very far-sighted. China will not only manage to have its own good days but also make outstanding contributions to the global peace, development and justice and make all people of the world have their good days.

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