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Rites of Spring (2)

By Rebecca Lo  (China Daily)

10:19, April 16, 2012

Installations and sculpture by Nathalie Decoster and Bernar Venet will be dotted throughout the city for public contemplation, while French photographers Stephane Courturier, Alain Bublex and Gilbert Garcin will show their work from April 6 to May 2 at Avenue of the Stars in Hong Kong.

Opera buffs will thrill to Carmen from May 10 to 13 at the Hong Kong Cultural Center. Starring Israeli mezzo-soprano Rinat Shaham in the title role, the production is directed by Philippe Arlaud and also features bass-baritone Jean-Luc Ballestra as Escamillo.

Every year, Le French May partners with a region of France; this year Bordeaux takes center stage.

Dance aficionados will snap up tickets to see Ballet de L' Opera National de Bordeaux's dual shows In the Steps of Petipa and Four Tendances, both at the Hong Kong Cultural Center from June 6 to 9. The troupe has been gracing French theaters since Louis XIV, and remains one of the world's most respected dance companies.

Along with Bordeaux Opera Ballet, foodies will want to sample Le French GourMay, as the wine and dine component of Le French May will focus on the delights of Bordeaux.

Participating restaurants in Hong Kong include Petrus, L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Caprice, Chez Patrick and La Terrasse, while Priv and The Tasting Room in Macao will highlight gourmet products from the Grand Cru region in its menus.

Film buffs are treated to a host of movies set in the cities of Hong Kong and Paris at Broadway Cinematheque and Palace IFC from May 5 to 30, while Crazy About Yves at the Hong Kong City Hall from May 19 to June 11 chronicles the story of fashion legend Yves Saint Laurent's modern wearable art.

As Le French May's title sponsor, The Hong Kong Jockey Club will host two special races to commemorate this year's 20th anniversary edition. France Gallop and Le French May Trophy races on May 9 at the Happy Valley racetrack promises to be an exciting day of horseracing with a distinctly French ambience.

Through the Jockey Club's support, an outreach program for 2,000 students will ensure that kids get into the joie de vivre.

"Handicapped children and their families will be invited to all the performing arts events this year," notes Andrew Yuen, chairman of the Association Culturelle France-Hong Kong. "One of our fellow board members, Mrs. Michelle Ong-cheung and the First Initiative Foundation will also invite pianist Francois Chaplin to perform for students of the University of Hong Kong, Baptist University, Academy for Performing Arts and other educational institutes."

With events appealing to virtually all interests and tastes, Barthelemy urges everyone to book tickets early to avoid disappointment: "There will be more of everything this year!"

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