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More US trade friction predicted (2)

(China Daily)

10:09, April 16, 2012

US protectionism hurts Chinese exporters and industries, Yu said.

The US, China's second-largest trade partner, has launched 73 trade investigations against China since 2007. This represents about 16 percent of investigations brought against China by other countries, Yu said. Cases launched by the US covered a combined export value of about $10.3 billion.

In a fresh sign of rising trade protectionism, the US set up the Interagency Trade Enforcement Center in February to investigate what it called "unfair trade practices" from its major trading partners, including China, Yu said.

Trade investigations from the US sometimes prompted other nations to follow suit, Yu said. For example, when the US imposed anti-dumping duties on Chinese- coated paper in 2006, Brazil, Argentina and Thailand launched similar investigations, which "severely hurt Chinese exporters".

Disputes targeting China will become more frequent, Yu said.

William Zarit, minister counselor for commercial affairs at the US embassy in Beijing, said that the world's top two economies "need to build trust" to resolve friction, especially in high-end manufacturing.

Rising trade protectionism in China's major exporting destinations has dealt a hard blow to exporters already suffering from slowing global demand.

China reported GDP growth of 8.1 percent in the first quarter, the slowest in almost three years as exports and domestic demand cooled, according to data issued on Friday by the National Bureau of Statistics. The government set a goal of 10 percent growth in foreign trade this year.

Zhong Shan, deputy minister of commerce, called for supporting policies on Thursday to increase foreign trade while reducing exporters' burdens and improving the business environment.

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