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The Amabassador of Czech Republic: China is a huge space to be discovered (6)

By Wang Jinxue, Dong Jing (People's Daily Online)

09:15, April 16, 2012

People’s Daily Online: I want to ask a specific question. Do you have a plan for the educational exchanges between students from china and Czech?

Ambassador: There are many Czech universities coming here, such as the Charles University from Prague, it's very famous. There’s also the Mining University from Ostrava. There’s Pilsen University. They are coming here to open the possibility to show the Chinese students what we can do and what we can offer. We are working very hard on the agreement which will make our recognition of diplomas easier. So once a Chinese student studying in the Czech Republic is coming back, his major will be recognized by the Chinese authorities and the same with the Czech students here. So we would like to make this procedure of recognition of diplomas much easier, much more comfortable. So this is our goal. Once this is here, I think even more students will go to each country to study.

People’s Daily Online; All right, Mr. Ambassador, thanks a lot for sharing your opinions with us. And dear audience, thanks for watching.

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