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The Amabassador of Czech Republic: China is a huge space to be discovered (5)

By Wang Jinxue, Dong Jing (People's Daily Online)

09:15, April 16, 2012

People’s Daily Online: So do they continue to work in Czech after their study or come back to China?

Ambassador: There are lots of Chinese companies also based in the Czech Republic. They need people who speak Czech and Chinese. With our growing economic cooperation, also the possibility to be involved, to find a good job, it's growing. So I think those people who decide to learn Czech, or decide to learn Chinese from both countries, they will definitely find a good job.

People’s Daily Online: Thanks. It has been discussed for a very long time to establish a direct flight to from Beijing to Prague, so could you tell us the current progress?

Ambassador: This is still one of our goals. There have been a lot of discussions with some Chinese companies. Now, the two big cities, on the Chinese side Shanghai, on the Czech side Prague, they started direct communication about the possibility of opening a direct flight between Shanghai and Prague. So now we are somewhere in the middle of the discussion. What can be the result? So I am supporting this idea. I very much hope that ivery soon we will find a solution. And we will all open the direct flight between China and the Czech Republic.

People’s Daily Online: That’s much better for the visitors and also for you Czech people. Have you ever been to some other places in china?

Ambassador: Yes, I like so much traveling here in China. It’s an advantage of ambassadors that they can travel all over the country. They can see more things than normal citizens. I have been in many Chinese provinces. For the moment, I haven't been only in Tibet and in Xinjiang. All the others I have more or less visited. I can not say which one is better than the other, because China is so rich and so different. So all the provinces have something special. I found very good friends everywhere.

People’s Daily Online: Is there any other plan between China and the Czech Republic to increase their economic development or cultural exchanges?

Ambassador: For the moment, our commercial exchanges are about 20 billion USD. And possibilities are here to make it even bigger. So there are economic delegations coming to China. There are Chinese investors visiting our country. We are exploring all ways of making cooperation even stronger, even bigger. I think that this year will be a very important year. By the end of this year, we will see that this year is even better than last year in economic cooperation.

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