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The Amabassador of Czech Republic: China is a huge space to be discovered (4)

By Wang Jinxue, Dong Jing (People's Daily Online)

09:15, April 16, 2012

People’s Daily Online: What do you think of the hutongs in Beijing? Is that beautiful?

Ambassador I like hutongs so much. I will be very happy if, as much as possible, hutongs will remain.

People’s Daily Online: The Director of the National Bureau of CzechTourism, Jiří Vávra said recently that the number of Chinese visitors to the Czech Republic increases by 30% each year. What efforts have been made by the Czech Republic to attract Chinese visitors?

Ambassador: We do our effort, but at the same time Prague is very famous. Many films are made there, many songs are made there. And also some songs in Chinese are connected with Prague. So Prague is very famous, but we try to promote our capital more. And we are organizing seminars, sending information, inviting people to come there. We are happy that last year it was about 120,000 of Chinese tourists who visited Prague. They reached the same level like traditionally, for example, Japanese tourists are reaching in coming to Prague. So we are happy and we expect more Chinese people will go there, more Chinese people visit Prague, more Chinese people will understand our country, and we will be even closer.

People’s Daily Online: I have met several students in Beijing Foreign Studies University from the Czech Republic. And I am wondering why they come to China, what factors of China attract these people from your country?

Ambassador: It's a difficult and easy question at the same time, because the Chinese culture is so rich, so interesting, the Chinese literature, the characters. For us, to enter into China means trying to discover something new. Everybody likes to discover things, so China is a huge space to be discovered and each discovery makes you happier. So I think they, and me as well, they are here to discover things, to understand better, to make both countries more friendly and closer.

People’s Daily Online: I think there are many Chinese students who are studying now in Czech. What kind of majors do they often choose?

Ambassador: In the Czech universities, there are lots of Chinese students, mainly in the English program. This is programmes in English, about economy, about law, about natural sciences, in different kinds of majors, and in different universities. But there are lots of Chinese students who are now in the Czech Republic as well.

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