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The Amabassador of Czech Republic: China is a huge space to be discovered (2)

By Wang Jinxue, Dong Jing (People's Daily Online)

09:15, April 16, 2012

People’s Daily Online: thanks. We Chinese people are very friendly, right? In 2010, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and the Czech Republic, China held the Czech Culture Festival. What impact do you think could such events have on helping people from the two countries to know more about each other?

Ambassador: I think this was an important moment which showed our two countries can offer many things in the cultural field. We had a possibility in Prague to see a very interesting exhibition from the National Gallery of China. There was an exhibition of contemporary Chinese artists, and also an exhibition of shadow theatre puppets. So this was very interesting and for our people very popular. At the same time, they ccould see the Chinese folk dances in our National Theatre. Here in Beijing, we presented an exhibition of Czech painters. But at the same time, we invited the Czech Ballet. So the Chinese visitors, and the Chinese lovers of art, they could enjoy this. I think by these two activities, we really contributed to the better knowledge of the country and the people.

People’s Daily Online: Yes. From such kind of events, we know more about each other, right? On 20 Dec. 2011, Protocol on Cultural Cooperation for 2012-2014 between China and the Czech Republic was signed. Since then, what achievements have been made between these two countries in cultural cooperation?

Ambassador: Cultural cooperation between our two countries is very rich now, and also because of the new protocol we've signed. I would say it is practically each month that something special in culture happens. And I am happy that the Czech Embassy is very active. Just yesterday, we had a very big press conference together with the Director of the National Art Museum of China, Mr. Fan Di’an. We have spoken of new projects we have together. This month we have four activities in Beijing. We will present the Czech painter Bohuslav Reynek in the National Gallery. We will present another important Czech painter Milan Grygar in Today Art Gallery. And we have some other activities in the Czech Embassy, which we use anot only to present our country, but we use art as an instrument for dialogue, for communication.

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