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Rule of law, purity of Party highlighted in handling Bo's case (2)


08:17, April 16, 2012

The rule of law is considered a foundation of the governance of the CPC and a significant guarantee for realizing the nation's long-term stability. Last year, the country announced that a socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics had been basically formed.

While strict discipline is a remarkable feature as well as a significant edge of the CPC, which serves as s key guarantee for the CPC to maintain its purity.

Prof. Zhao Bingzhi, dean of the Law School of Beijing Normal University, told Xinhua that the moves showed the Party and government's resolution and ability of handling major incidents in line with laws and disciplines.

"The announcement of the decisions were made at the right time and handled with delicacy, and that's a stance that a modern society under the rule of law should take," he said.

Prof. Lin Laifan, with the School of Law of Tsinghua University, also considered it a progress of China's legal and political systems that a senior Party official, his family and staff who broke laws and disciplines were handled in line with laws and facts and through legal procedures.

Analysts here noted that the incident of Wang Lijun, the death of Heywood and serious discipline violations of Bo have drawn huge attention and left a negative impact as rarely seen over the past decades.

Prof. Liu Changmin, with the School of Politics and Public Management, China University of Political Science and Law, said the CPC leadership expressed a clear and firm attitude towards fighting corruption and maintaining the purity of the Party through effective actions.

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