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China bullish about Canton Fair (2)

By Li Jiabao and Xu Jingxi in Guangzhou (China Daily)

11:09, April 15, 2012

"The external situation is getting better for Chinese exporters. As economies are recovering steadily in the US and Japan, China's exports to these two major destinations will keep increasing in the second quarter while exports to emerging markets will speed up," Wang said.

Besides promoting exports, this spring's Canton Fair has also set a goal of balancing international trade by promoting imports as well.

The fair established an area for foreign enterprises for the first time in the 101st Canton Fair in 2007. By March 31, a total of 520 enterprises from 44 countries and regions had booked a booth in the area with the top exhibitors from China's neighboring countries and regions including South Korea, India and Turkey.

For Asian countries, "the cost for them to travel here to attend the fair is lower than that for US and European companies," Liu said. "Local governments in our neighboring countries and regions have kept an eye on China's economy and subsidized their small- and medium-sized enterprises to attend trade fairs in China in order to promote their exports," he added.

A new round of industrialization in major developed economies expanded their exports to China, while small and medium enterprises are eager to tap Chinese market through the Canton Fair, Liu said.

He added that the country is expecting developed countries in Europe and US to relax restrictions on exporting high tech to China.

"It requires efforts from both the importer (China) and the exporter to strike a balance of trade," said Liu.

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