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Commentary: Law and Party disciplines brook no violation (2)


08:29, April 15, 2012

The current Party Constitution, adopted in September 1982 and revised five times thereafter, clearly stipulates that the Party must conduct its activities within the framework of the country's Constitution and laws. The Party Constitution also says that everyone is equal in front of Party disciplines.

The CPC has issued key documents, such as clean governance standards for Party members and cadres and regulations on leading cadres reporting personal matters, to set strict restraints on cadre's behaviors, and no one is allowed to violate them.

Nonetheless, violations of Party disciplines and lax enforcement of laws have occurred occasionally. In some places, there are some practices in which power and personal favor are put above the law, and disciplinary and law violations by a very small number of high-ranking cadres become a major public concern. In some places, there are top officials making decisions without seeking others' opinions and thus violating the principle of democratic centralism. The spouses and children of some cadres have taken advantage of their power to seek personal gains, disregarding the law, thus stirring public outcry.

One of the reasons for this phenomena is that China is still at the primary stage of socialism and has yet to totally get rid of the influence of obsolete notions, including the feudal ideology. Further efforts need to be made to improve institutional construction and law enforcement.

On the other hand, many officials have not been able to resist various temptations in the market economy. With expanding selfish desire and inadequate sense of law and ethnics, they choose the road of abusing power for personal gains and impairing the Party and state interests.

Chinese leaders have stressed many times that whoever has violated Party disciplines and the law will be seriously handled and that their actions will never be tolerated, no matter who is involved and no matter what position they are in.

China investigated and handled many major cases in recent years, and some of them were related to high-ranking officials. In 2011, procuratorial authorities investigated 18,464 major embezzlement and bribery cases. They also investigated 2,524 officials at the county level and above, including 198 at prefecture level and seven at provincial and ministerial levels.

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