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Over 200 apply for 20 trash-sorter jobs (2)

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08:27, April 12, 2012

One young man who applied said the salary of 4,000 yuan was attractive to many people, even university graduates, at a time when the country's economic situation was not so good.

"The salary is more than what many migrant workers in the city earn," said the man, who revealed only his surname, Liang.

"Garbage classifiers for the city government are government employees, who can enjoy stable income and other social benefits," he said.

Zheng Fenming, director of the Scientific Development and Public Policy Center at the Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences, said recruiting garbage classifiers could certainly play a role in developing the city's garbage-sorting and recycling industries.

"But authorities should pay even greater attention to raising residents' environmental protection awareness and to encouraging most of the city's residents to sort their garbage before it reaches the rubbish bin," Zheng said.

In addition to making efforts to promote the garbage-sorting system, those who have classified the garbage at home should be rewarded while those who refuse to sort the garbage should be required to pay higher rubbish fees, he said.

Many residents have also welcomed the efforts to sort garbage.

Chen Guangchong, a resident in Yuexiu district, said the city government is expected to introduce an effective and environmentally friendly method to help cope with rapidly growing amounts of garbage.

"And garbage classifiers can certainly play a part in helping introduce the garbage-sorting system and contribute to the city's garbage-recycling industry," Chen said.

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