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Chengdu to host Fortune forum (2)

By  Yang Cheng and Li Yu  (China Daily)

09:39, April 10, 2012

Rapid growth

Statistics indicated that Chengdu's GDP hit 685.5 billion yuan last year, up 15.2 percent year on year. The figure marked a fivefold increase over the year of 2000's level.

Its annual economic growth has ranked number one among the capitals of the 12 western provinces.

In 2011, Chengdu Airport's passenger handling capacity hit 29 million, which helped make Chengdu the fourth national-level aviation hub recognized by the Civil Aviation Administration of China early this year.

Chengdu is also a top city in West China in terms of the number of overseas banks and consulates.

A total of 12 overseas banks and nine consulates have set up there.

Also worth mentioning is that one processor out of every two laptops in the world was made in Chengdu and more than half of the world's iPads were made there.

In 2011, the Tianfu New Town, an emerging business area in the city's southern part, was inaugurated, and it is expected to become a new growth engine of West China.

In addition, Chengdu has several world's cultural heritage sites, including the ancient Jinsha Civilization ruins, the 2,000-year-old Dujiang Weir, and Qingcheng Mountain, the birthplace of Taoism. The world's tea culture was also reportedly born in Chengdu.

A total of 108 pandas are now living in the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

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