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India’s ‘Look East Policy’ (2)

By Pei Yuanying (Jiefang Daily)

08:54, April 06, 2012

India began adopting specific action, transforming to all-round cooperation from exclusive economic exchanges and enlarging its foreign policies from the Southeast Asia to East Asia and Australia.

India strengthened its association with the Southeast Asian countries, joined the treaties of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, established free trade zone with the Southeast Asian countries and participated in the East Asian cooperative mechanisms and the security forum of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The cooperative contents also expend to the military and cultural fields from exclusive economic cooperation.

The "Look East Policy" has become an important part of India's diplomatic strategy.

Is the "Look East Policy" related with the eastward transfer of American strategic focus?

The facts above show India is much earlier in promoting the "Look East Policy" than the eastward transfer of American strategic focus. In order to realize the strategy of eastward transfer, the United States positively encouraged India to participate in the East Asian affairs.

As the strategy of eastward transfer catered to the psychology of India's misgivings and precautions against China, India also manifested its enthusiasm. India lately held a trilateral dialogue with the United States and Japan, and it has also close contacts with Vietnam, Burma and some other Southeast Asian countries.

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