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Personal data guidelines to be released (2)

By Tuo Yannan and Zhao Yinan  (China Daily)

08:17, April 06, 2012

Data abuse was common, he said. For example, some websites continue to keep and display information even though it is no longer relevant.

However, many developed countries have introduced information protection legislation, Gao said. Even before the widespread use of computers, a personal information law was adopted in the United States in the 1970s. The European Union has also introduced legislation protecting personal information.

A report released by the China Software Testing Center last month said the security situation regarding personal information at 105 popular websites, including e-commerce websites Taobao, and Chinese search engine Baidu Inc, wasn't "looking good".

About 60 percent of Chinese Internet users have experienced online data theft, said Liu Jiuru, deputy director of the Electronic Technology Information Research Institute at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Zhou Hanhua, one of the guideline's drafters, said China lacks a comprehensive law to protect privacy.

The current regulations on privacy protection fail to effectively supervise banks, hospitals and telecom companies, he said.

Although a draft law on privacy protection was published in 2005, the legislation has not been listed on the top legislature's agenda.

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