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Website article refutes 'Central Tibetan Administration' response (3)


08:50, March 30, 2012

Third, I hope that you "Central Tibetan Administration" withdraw the so-called "statements", and ask the Dalai Lama himself to answer the "Seven Questions" seriously. Otherwise, it will be none of your business.

Fourth, a number of media, including the Associated Press (AP), the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Times of India and Hindustan Times etc, refer to my view that the Dalai Lama's "high-degree autonomy" is a Nazi policy of "ethnic cleansing" in their reports. And I have historical facts and hard evidences. If you disagree, will you dare to come forward to debate with me?

Fifth, after going through your statement, I think it is a newest collection of your lies, such as the Lobsang Sangay "has made repeated appeals to refrain from extreme measures through international media and official statements", the Dalai Lama "has always discouraged drastic actions", and "despite 'the Central Tibetan Administration' appeals, Tibetans continue to self-immolate". If I can find some examples exposing your lies, will you, the spokesman, admit your tricks and apologize? If so, I'd like to invite some concerned journalists to witness it.

Sixth, as for the "Seven Reasons" you have stated, they are nothing but cliche, which are the same as your old tricks accusing the Chinese Central Government.

Seventh, from your "Seven Reasons", I am convinced that both you and your masters are good at shifting blames and putting labels on others, which is called "literary lord" in the literary circle, "warlord" in the military circle and "villains" among the people.

Therefore, I hope the Dalai Lama can answer my seven questions in a responsible manner before labeling me as a Chinese official, a spokesman for the Chinese government or a CPC member.

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