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What we should learn from Fukushima nuclear tragedy (2)

By Zhang Chuanguang,Li Wei (China Youth Daily)

10:22, March 21, 2012

Fourth, from the day when the design or construction of a nuclear power plant starts, the emergency response plan should be put in an important position. The emergency plan must be made properly, carefully and implemented practically so that even if an accident has occurred, its negative influence on residents could be minimized.

Fifth, the public' ability of coping with a nuclear accident should be strengthened. After the Fukushima nuclear accident occurred, millions of Japanese residents evacuated from their homes and offices to high grounds or other safe places in good order. Emergency departments and troops of Japan also came to the rescue timely and reduced the damages as much as possible.

Sixth, all countries should strengthen their cooperation in the nuclear power generation. Adopting more-advanced technologies, keeping developing safer and new-model nuclear power plants are the fundamental measures for the security of nuclear power plants. If a nuclear accident occurs in one country, maybe the whole world will have to suffer too. Therefore, regarding nuclear power technologies, all countries should not keep secrets. Global nuclear power technological barriers must be overcome as many as possible, and the countries with advanced nuclear power technologies should communicate the technologies with other countries. Only in this way could the people of the world share the benefit brought by the nuclear energy to mankind.

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