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Apple's gray income chain exposed (3)

By Wan Yi, Ren Feng (People's Daily)

16:44, March 20, 2012

"The Apple application shops have a set of upload mechanisms and processes for individual developers, but their restriction on copyright is loose and almost all works are defaulted as authorized works in the examination process. In China, I have seen that many directly-uploaded pirated works can pass the examination," said Lin.

Lin also said that, although the developers' pirated applications will be prohibited ultimately, the developers could still upload pirated works by using their original account numbers and the Apple Inc. usually does not trace the developers. Then, Lin demonstrated the process of uploading an application.

In the process, the system of the Apple application shops did not have the step of asking for the copyright document. In Lin's opinion, the Apple Inc. regards China as only a market of its hardware and does not safeguard the copyright as well as it does in other countries. The Apple Inc. is making good money through its application shops, but copyright owners are suffering huge losses.

"Taking the book Things Happened in the Ming Dynasty as an example, we sell about 60 paid digital copies per day and the daily income is 360 yuan. If there are four pirates, their daily income from the piracy will be 1,440 yuan per day. In a year, the total income from the piracy will be more than 500,000 yuan, the Apple Inc., as a third-party platform, could get 30 percent or more than 150,000 yuan, and developers of pirated applications could get 70 percent or about 350,000 yuan,” said Bi. He believes that the Apple application shops' mode of dividing the profit with pirates actually means encouraging the activity of piracy.

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