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Job success may be written in the stars (3)

By Zhang Yuchen (China Daily)

10:46, March 20, 2012

Professional doubt

"We professional astronomers or astronomy researchers, don't believe in it," said Zhan Xiang, of Beijing Planetarium. "The 88 constellations, and not just the 12 signs of the zodiac, were imagined by people as long ago as ancient Greece. There is no relationship between human qualities and the constellations, their names are simply designed to help people recognize them with ease. Any romantic aspect has been derived from stories contrived by the human imagination."

And there is no relation between the stars and the destiny of a single human being, said Zhu Jin, the curator of Beijing Planetarium. "The sophisticated interpretation of how stars in a constellation interact sounds very reasonable, even though the basis of that explanation comes from humans."

The positive part of the astrologer's job is to emphasize the bright side, especially when someone's life is pretty gloomy, said Fei Xiaoou who has studied the zodiac for years at home and abroad but insists that she is an amateur astrologer. "Astrological signs show several possibilities, not just a single one. I always purposefully reveal the more positive aspects to those who come to me with questions."

"But the truth is there is no quick fix, because nothing is definite. It is you who navigates your own future and decides the path to go."

Guided by lights

But some still prefer to let the astrologicals be their guide. The astrologer Vivian Chen Jiaying picks her staff according to their astrological signs. For instance, she prefers a Taurus as her financial assistant, while her private assistant has to share her own constellation because Geminis are said to "move and travel a lot" and "can't stand the company of a Virgo or Scorpio". Now her personal assistant, Nemo Zhang Xiufen, "appears a perfect match for her working style."

"When value systems appear too diversified and there's a lot of uncertainty in life, people need comfort or consolation from something that seems certain," said Chen Xin. "If two people share some thoughts or characteristics in common, they are companions treading the same road."

Now, the introduction of astrological charts to the workplace means people are seeking common ground and putting aside their differences, said Chen.

But that doesn't mean that the system needs to be so "exaggerated or inhumane", Fei said. "What I can tell from these incidents is that employers are in a real hurry and place too much emphasis on astrological signs, hoping to save time in discovering the perfect employee."

Shi Jing contributed to this story.

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