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Writers: App Store has pirated e-books (3)

By Wang Huazhong (China Daily)

08:09, March 20, 2012

Wang added that Apple has the obligation to check whether the contents are pirated and would have no difficulty technically in removing fraudulent books.

Andy Yang, executive partner and an intellectual-property lawyer with Wis & Weals Law Firm, said Apple's server must have saved copies of the pirated editions for others to download and the App Store is suspected of being a co-infringer by providing opportunity for piracy.

Yang added that even offering pirated applications free of charge can be considered infringement so long as the offer has a commercial goal.

Zhang said the cost of copyright infringement in China is very low and Apple would have weighed the gains and losses.

"We are not trying to expel Apple from China," Zhang said. "We hope it can fundamentally change its operation model that neglects copyright protection."

"We are open to negotiation with Apple to work out a model that distributes books rightfully and shares revenue with writers reasonably."

In a letter to the media on the issue, Apple said "as an intellectual property holder ourselves, we understand the importance of protecting intellectual property and when we receive complaints we respond promptly and appropriately".

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