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Chinese writers' group sues Apple (3)

By Zha Minjie (Shanghai Daily)

10:31, March 19, 2012

(Xinhua/Kenichiro Seki)

The National Copyright Administration confirmed over the weekend that the App Store was suspected of piracy and copyright infringement according to the evidence provided by the writers' alliance.

An insider, surnamed Lin, who was involved in developing e-books on the App Store, told Xinhua news agency yesterday that Apple took around 30 percent of total sales of illegal copies sold by other companies on the platform.

Lin said the App Store does not demand uploaders to provide copyright certificates and the pirated copy is approved directly.

Legal experts in Beijing told CCTV that Apple lacked supervision on what is sold or freely provided at the App Store.

The writers' alliance has urged Apple to follow Chinese laws to provide copyright certification of books being sold at the App Store, but the company has failed to do so, Bei said.

Around 20 million people in China using Apple products and its App Store, but many don't know the platform is selling illegal copies of books, said Bei.

Last year, Baidu, China's biggest online search engine, deleted 2.8 million unauthorized works of literature following protests.

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