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Carrefour store closed after TV report (2)

By An Baijie (China Daily)

08:21, March 19, 2012

Carrefour China apologized to the public in a statement issued on Thursday night after the CCTV report, vowing to investigate the case and punish the employees responsible.

"We will further improve the training and take measures to ensure we earnestly implement the provisions needed to safeguard the interests of consumers," according to a statement on the Carrefour China website.

Food safety has become a sensitive issue in recent years following many scandals, including melamine-tainted infant formula, chemical-laced pork and recycled restaurant oil.

Some Zhengzhou residents expressed their support for the closure of the store.

Zhao Linxiao, of Zhengzhou, said the closing of the Carrefour store is a warning to other retail giants, and they must observe the laws and regulations to guarantee the safety and quality of their goods.

Ji Liang, a college student in Zhengzhou, said the closure would not solve the problem for good, because lots of other large shopping malls are doing similar things to cheat consumers.

"It's just a matter of chance that a Carrefour store was the subject of a report by CCTV. I don't think the other retail stores are doing better," Ji said.

"As a consumer, I have no choice but to continue to buy products from the stores of giant retailers," he said. "What I can do to protect myself is to learn on the Internet how to avoid being cheated in the shopping malls."

Liu Jiaoyan contributed to this story.

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