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China's diplomacy needs courage and strategy (2)

By Ding Gang (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

11:03, March 14, 2012

Today's China enjoys a very different position in the world stage than before, which is irreversible. Many difficult issues exist in the world. China must take a stand explicitly and even participate in solving these issues actively, even if they have no direct relations with China. This is the world’s expectations to China and also the responsibility of China as a big power.

China must come up with a roadmap to solve these problems and promote these issues to be solved in accordance with her way, if she wants to assume more important responsibility in the future international pattern and play a more important role. Doing this is not only to create a more conducive international environment for China’s peaceful development but more to make the multi-polar world pattern can have a more rational and more just order in the future.

From this viewpoint, China's diplomacy is still facing severe challenges. Besides team construction, theory formulation, resource consolidation, and longer-term strategic planning, the top priority right now is to introduce innovation to the resolve of intractable problems, and transform passivity into initiative. Efforts should also be made to make a norm the positive stance that China has shown in the Syria issue and enrich it with greater foresight.

Diplomacy is a chess game. Skillful players can anticipate many steps. If the opponent predicts two moves and you can do three, four or even five, then you outsmart your rival and have a higher chance of success. However, the game is subject to changes and tricks, so predicting requires stratagem, courage and insight.

We must be equal to the crisis when it occurs, and more importantly, we should go further to equip ourselves with strategies of being brave and skilled in mobilizing the overall situation. Some problems in the world do not evolve unpredictably. If we move earlier, we can guide the development of the situation. Passive defense or counterattacks are not always accompanied by narrow survival. But early moves sometimes do have the potential to change the whole game.

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