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Calls to spend school funds wisely (2)

By Shan Juan (China Daily)

09:24, March 14, 2012

Zhu Qingshi, president of the South University of Science and Technology, said the increased education budget was very welcome but the key issue was how to use it well.

Zhong agreed.

"The government should further optimize the use of education funding and set varied targets for different kinds of education like vocational, pre-school, middle school and higher education," Zhong said.

In his opinion, pre-school, vocational and middle school education should get the biggest boost, with nine-year compulsory education being better balanced.

In higher education, the focus should be mainly on quality control, he said. Authorities should increase expenditure for each student and empower college and university administrations to make spending decisions on the most efficient use of funds.

To secure proper use of the funds, public supervision and government audits must be introduced, he added.

Currently, China badly lacks quality education resources, which means low standards in some areas, Zhong said.

Previous reports have stated that the number of students from poor rural families enrolled by key universities is declining.

The government should encourage universities through favorable funding to recruit more students from underprivileged families, he said.

Shi Yiyun, a CPPCC member, said an institution should be set up to secure education funding for poorer regions.

Currently, distribution of quality resources is highly skewed, said Li Yining, a famed economist and CPPCC member.

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