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China rethinks nuclear power one year after crisis in Japan (2)


13:53, March 13, 2012

"To ensure energy security, we have to take some potential risks and should not avoid the use of nuclear power," Xue said.

The academician stressed that a cautious attitude with an explicit understanding of potential risks would be the key to developing nuclear power in China.

He called for improvement in the country's nuclear power management mechanism and for the establishment of an accountability system that could identify the party responsible for any accident that might occur.

The Chinese government is likely to resume the examination and approval of nuclear power station projects this year, Wang Binghua, chairman of the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation Ltd., said Saturday.

China suspended approving new nuclear power projects and launched nationwide safety inspections at nuclear power stations and facilities in operation and under construction over safety concerns after the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

Earlier last week, Zhao Qizheng, a spokesman for China's top political advisory body's annual session, said China will develop nuclear power under "extremely safe" preconditions after drawing lessons from the Fukushima nuclear accident.

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