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Flight tax plea as aviation bosses fear rough landing (2)

By Wang Wen in Beijing and Cecily Liu in London (China Daily)

08:50, March 13, 2012

The main competitor to Airbus, which has important interests in the Chinese market, is the US group Boeing.

Luo Zhuping, board secretary of China Eastern Airlines, said the company's commercial needs will determine whether it will continue to purchase Airbus jets.

"That depends. The decisions are business-oriented," Luo said in an interview with China National Radio on Monday.

When asked whether the corporation will freeze or cancel its current orders for Airbus jets, Luo was non-committal.

"We did not say that we will break the contract, nor did we say we will not carry out the orders," he said.

The EU has imposed a carbon tax on airlines with effect from Jan 1, but no carrier will face a bill until 2013 after this year's carbon emissions have been calculated.

The EU has said the tax will help the 27-nation bloc achieve its goal of cutting carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2020 and that it will not back down on the plan.

The Chinese aviation authority released a notice in February to stop all Chinese carriers paying the tax, except with the government's permission.

A total of 29 countries, including China, the US and Russia, signed an agreement on Feb 24 objecting to the tax.

The nine company chiefs expect the "list of suspensions, cancellations and punitive actions to grow as other important markets continue to oppose the ETS".

They called for urgent talks at EU Council level, the Airbus statement said.

The government and business insiders noted the contents of the letter.

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