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Expert: Glitter of foreign diploma to fade away (3)

By Huang Chong (China Youth Daily)

10:19, March 10, 2012

Reporter: Tens of thousands of netizens debate after the Dickinson State University incident: “Is the purpose of overseas education to muddle along and get a diploma or to learn knowledge?” and people cannot help asking whether the emergence of such debates means muddling along abroad for a diploma has become a common phenomenon?

Qi Lixin: Yes. A considerable number of people studying abroad every year are just for a diploma rather than knowledge. The preference for high and foreign education background exits in our country now. With a foreign diploma, one may be considered more competitive and more opportunities than others, and even can get higher salaries in a same workplace.

This may lead to lots of people directly buy fake diplomas. However, with the widespread use of foreign diploma, the situation of determining hiring and career promotion relying on diploma has changed at least in some private businesses. I believe it will not take too long that the glitter of foreign diploma will fade way someday.

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