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Hospitals told to curb use of antibiotics (2)

By Shan Juan and Wang Qingyun (China Daily)

09:52, March 09, 2012

Hospitals at the top level (level three), should purchase no more than 50 kinds of antibiotics, and hospitals at level two no more than 35, it stipulates

Zhao said at his hospital, classified as level three, 40 kinds of antibiotics could cover all clinical demands.

The plan also said that no more than 60 percent of inpatients should take antibiotics, and antibiotics should take up to no more than 20 percent of an outpatient's prescription.

"At present, most large hospitals fail to meet that target," said Lin Shaobin, deputy director of Fuzhou Second Hospital.

Over-prescription of antibiotics is related to factors including doctors' cashing in on drug sales and also the long-term clinical habits of doctors, particularly surgeons who rely greatly on antibiotics to avert post-operative infections.

Besides, the plan also specifies the amount of antibiotics that can be purchased and prescribed by hospitals specializing in stomatology, psychosis, oncology, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics.

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