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Sony criticized for defective products, poor services (2)

By Zhang Bin (People's Daily Online)

15:52, March 07, 2012

Mr. Hu living in Shenzhen also lodged a complaint that he bought a Sony VPCEG16 I3E laptop in November of 2011, but found it system halted within a week. Then, he took the laptop to a service center, and the center said the hard disc had broken down, and replaced the disc with a new one free of charge. However, the same problem of system halt reoccurred within ten days after the repair.

Until now, the problem has remained unsolved yet. Mr. Hu said that he is very disappointed.

Regarding this issue, the reporter dialed the service hotline of the Sony Corporation. A worker picked up the phone, made notes about the details and said that a technician would contact with the reporter soon. But by the time when the article was published, the reporter still had not got any feedback from the Sony Corporation.

In as early as 2005, a "confrontation" once occurred between the Zhejiang Consumers' Association and the Sony Corporation. As a result, Sony Corporation suspended selling six types of cameras, but did not recall these defective cameras.

The reporter learned through the Internet that Sony's products which have been most complained about include camera parts, digital camera, television, laptop, mobile phone and even PS video game machine that the Sony Company is very proud of.

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