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Hotel covers up after nude statues stir public concern (2)

By Liang Yiwen (Shanghai Daily)

08:48, March 07, 2012

"I think the hotel is inviting men and women to check in together," said a netizen identified as "Shiertai."

Some supported the hotel and acclaimed the statues as excellent works of art.

"Venus should also wear clothes according to the narrow thoughts," said a netizen caller herself "Sophia."

Eve Zhou, public relations official with the hotel, told Shanghai Daily the hotel cares very much about its image and used cloth to wrap up the art work after the controversy erupted.

The statues are the private collection of the hotel owner, Dai Zhikang, who is abroad now.

They may be moved to the nearby Himalayas art gallery, but that needs to be discussed with Dai, who bought the sculptures from artist Geng Bo years ago.

Geng told the Youth Daily he intended to show the pursuit of beauty. In fact, he named the group "I Am Beauty."

"Nudity is not the highlight of the sculptures," he told the newspaper. "But if they are wearing clothes, they will be restricted. Without the clothes, they will be released from time and space and become eternal."

Zhu Guorong, an art critic, said similar art works have filled local galleries but that it challenges people when they appear in a more public space.

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