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Teenager set on fire to get free care (2)

By Shi Yingying and Wang Qingyun (China Daily)

08:17, March 07, 2012

Zhou Yan arrives at a plastic surgery hospital in Beijing on Monday. (Li Muyi / for China Daily)

Zhou is expected to need lengthy treatment including multiple skin grafts.

"Zhou Yan's first step is to do functional restoration surgery on her neck and hands, and it could take years," said Li.

Zhou Feng said it "might (take) two to three years, or even more".

The public has donated 831,870 yuan to Zhou since news of the attack on the girl was released in February.

Li advised Zhou's family to keep the money, because "complications might arise in the future".

The donations are in the bank now, Li said.

Hefei police conducted tests on Zhou. They announced on Thursday that forensic medical staff analyzed the injuries on Zhou Yan's face and ears, and evaluated them as severe. The injuries on her neck and hands have not yet been evaluated, they said.

The police have turned the case over to prosecutors.

Tao has been detained since September.

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