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U.S. racist slurs towards Chinese widespread (2)

By Joanna Law (People's Daily Online)

08:57, March 06, 2012

There have been many racially insensitive incidents caused by restaurants’ employees recently. An employee of Papa John, another fast-food restaurant, put “lady chinky eyes” on a customer’s receipt. Two separate Chinese customers at a Texas Chick-fill-A were given a receipt by an employee with words “Ching” and “Chong” printed on them. In Georgia, an employee drew a slanted eyes on a customer’s drink.

In addition, Americans’ ignorance to other communities’ cultures and facts has led to frequent miscommunication and backlash. Recently, a student from Kansas State University wrote a column for the Kansas State Collegian titled "Public universities should not accept students from the countries that have bad relations with U.S.". In the article, Sean Frye stated that public universities should not waste tax payers’ money to provide education to foreign students from countries that will serve as the biggest enemies to the U.S., such as China.

The published article promptly caused protest among the infuriated Chinese students. The Chinese Students and Scholars Union demanded apologies from Fryer and the editor of the Collegian. While the editorial board still refuses to admit their negligence, Fryer publicly apologized to the offended community. In his written statement, Fryer pointed out his unclear arguments were caused by “the sloppiness of [his] writing”, and he regretted that he had used the word “enemy” to refer to Chinese.

The fact is, previously ignorant to Fryer, that international students pay 2 1/2 more times in tuition than in-state students. Fryer was later told that “if all the international students left tomorrow, due to the financial impact they have on campus, the school would be in significant trouble”.

The U.S. is a country of diversity with different ethnic groups. Chinese individuals are the second largest population of immigrant communities in the United States, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Americans should be used to living in an environment where racial prejudice is neither acceptable nor tolerable. The more they show how racist they are, the more they are dishonoring themselves and their country. Perhaps this is something that the government, the public, and the educational institutes should work harder on to educating people.

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