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High-end products promote cultural prosperity (2)

By Wang Meng (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

09:09, March 05, 2012

In order to achieve the goal of building itself into a culturally strong nation, China should make efforts to meet the cultural needs and improve the cultural quality of its people, and conduct fruitful cultural exchanges. More importantly, it should foster high-caliber cultural talent who are not inferior to ancient Chinese thinkers and philosophers, and possess extraordinary inventions and cultural outcome. The box office, copyright royalty, prize, and honorary title are less attractive compared with high-caliber cultural talent and significant cultural outcome.

A culturally strong nation should have “strong” talent, wisdom, knowledge, imagination, creativity, achievements, discoveries, and inventions. Only in this way can it achieve prosperity and development, withstand the test of time, and stand erect in humans’ spiritual world over the long term.

In other words, cultural development is a gradual process, which requires patience and rejects superficiality, empty talk, and vanity projects.

Promoting cultural development is a demanding job because great attention must be paid to the country's high-caliber cultural talent, quality of their works, creativeness of cultural products, professionalism of domestic intellectuals, public trust in and reliability of culture assessment, and long-lasting value of cultural works.

Greater efforts should be made to accomplish the arduous task of making the Chinese nation and all humans proud of the brilliant culture.

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