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Cleaning subway a Herculean job (2)

By  Dong Zhen   (Shanghai Daily)

13:37, March 01, 2012

Metro officials said rubbish collected from trains running on an average local Metro line has risen to more than 100 kilograms per day, with one-third being food leftovers. And the number keeps soaring.

"We run into everything on the trains now, even diapers directly placed on the benches and babies' excrements on the floor. You wouldn't want to hear it all," Zhu said with a mixture of scorn and embarrassment.

Her fellow worker, a 52-year-old surnamed Lu, said the situation was especially bad during the morning rush hour.

"Half-drunk packaged bean juice, all kinds of breakfasts and you name it. We also carry cleaning rags in our tool bags to clean the floor when the dumped drinks are just flowing everywhere. But given the short time allowed, it's a challenging task," Lu said, rubbing her sweating gray hair.

Inside their 3-square-meter workshop in the Guanglan Road station, the three sanitation workers from the same shift talked about their job as the air was filled with a choking odor from the rubbish stacks lying in the corner. Whenever one train arrived, one of them would grab her tools and dash out, jump onboard and then return to clean another train on the next stop.

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