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PM2.5 in air quality standards, positive response to net campaign (2)


09:04, March 01, 2012

Only several months ago, PM2.5 was still a term for environment scientists and few expected such a concrete action would be made soon.

For years China's environment authorities have monitored PM10, which gauges particular matter under 10 micrometers, as a key index for air quality.

The government reading, sometimes contrary to citizens' personal feelings, roused wide concerns after environmental activists, media people and opinion leaders brought this topic on microblogs.

On Sina Weibo only, more than 1 million microblogs have been posted concerning the issue.

Many volunteered to document air quality of their cities with pictures and environmentalist groups even started monitoring PM2.5 by their own device.

The public have learned from experts and activists debating the issue online. Now many taxi drivers can say something about particulate matter.

In response to the Internet lobbying, the Ministry of Environmental Protection published a draft of the revised air quality standards in November and adopted it in December.

In January, Beijing's environment authority launched the much-anticipated PM2.5 measure of air quality.

"Leaders' wisdom counts. And credit also goes to billions of netizens," Pan commented in his microblog.

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