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China to cultivate biofuel use (2)

By Zhou Yan  (China Daily)

14:06, February 29, 2012

The company, which began researching and developing aviation biofuels in 2009, has applied to the aviation administration to undergo an aircraft airworthiness examination. The administration has not said when a decision on the application will be released.

Unless the aviation administration concludes that aviation biofuels are safe, they may not be used in commercial flights.

Sinopec's rival, China National Petroleum Corp, the country's biggest oil producer, delivered 15 tons of aviation oil last June to help Air China Ltd to test out flights powered by biofuel. The fuel had been extracted from the inedible plant jatropha, which is grown in Southwest China.

Air China made a demonstration flight in October 2011 using a fuel that was half made of petroleum-based fuel and half of an aviation biofuel produced from jatropha. The fuel, which was used in one engine of a Boeing 747-400 aircraft, was made by the China National Petroleum Corp and Honeywell's UOP.

China National Petroleum Corp plans to build a refinery to produce 60,000 tons of the biofuel a year by 2014.

Facing pressures to conserve energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the aviation administration is encouraging more companies to help develop aviation biofuels, Li said.

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