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Outrage over club for hunters to kill abroad (2)

By  Xu Chi   (Shanghai Daily)

09:24, February 29, 2012

On popular news website, more than 37,300 people took part in a discussion about hunting with many of the 1,300-plus comments left expressing anger at what the Chinese hunters were doing.

"With 500,000 yuan in hand, they may save many scattered and poor Chinese families, but they chose to shoot down a polar bear. How ridiculous!" was one comment.

Others said they were shocked to see pictures posted by hunters showing how they shot bears and ate their claws.

A club official surnamed Huang said they feared their business might shrink due to rising online anger.

But he said its services were totally legal and approved by governments of other countries, who are actually protecting the environment by allowing hunters to shoot down over-populated animals.

"In some European countries, hunting wild animals is considered to be an elite sport," Huang said. "When the number of certain animals increases to high levels, the food chain may be affected and the ecological environment may be damaged. Hunting them down scientifically may help protect environment."

Money paid to the government may help it protect the rest of its species, Huang added.

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