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Shanghai 'good air' days may be numbered (2)

By Cai Wenjun   (Shanghai Daily)

13:46, February 28, 2012

Mayor Han Zheng said Shanghai has finished preparation and applied to the Ministry of Environmental Protection for being included the first batch of cities announcing the PM2.5 measurement to the public. That will happen later this year. PM2.5 is mainly caused by vehicle exhaust, flying dirt and industrial discharge, so the city will introduce tougher measures such as further eliminating vehicles with high pollution and carrying out tougher measures to control discharge of industrial plants.

Shanghai has failed to meet the proposed PM2.5 air quality standard for the past five years. Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center data showed that the average density of PM2.5 was higher than a proposed PM2.5 standard every year since the pilot study began in 2005.

The watchdog's data was collected from 24 monitoring sites across the city. Yesterday the bureau also announced the fifth round of its three-year action plan on environmental protection starting this year. Air quality, water quality, noise control, industrial pollution control, agricultural pollution control and ecological protection are all key tasks of the new round.

In the new plan, 53 projects are targeting the control of air quality. Shanghai is likely to adopt the stricter National V emission standard, equivalent to European 5, on new cars next year, clean energy replacement on small and medium coal-burning boilers and power plant discharge control.

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