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Xinhua Insight: Shanghai Communique: where Sino-U.S relations start (4)

By Xinhua writers Lu Qiuping, Xu Xiaoqing, Ji Ming and Wu Yu (Xinhua)

08:31, February 28, 2012

Interaction between the two countries are not only economical, but also cultural.

Confucius Colleges are continually being set up in the United States, and Chinese celebrities such as Yao Ming have turned into household names there.

In China, people are used to walking in the streets with dazzling American logos like McDonald's and Starbucks. American movies, music and dances are known to the Chinese, and their influences even spread to the country's remote countryside.

Tourism are also booming since people in one country are curious about the mystery of the other and would like to see it themselves.

Steve Kulich, director of Cross-cultural Research Center with the Shanghai International Studies University, said strangers would suppose each other as exotic, but things may be different through communication.

Just like a wish made by an American child, which was displayed at the Shanghai Expo in 2010: "If the world is round, I'd like to dig a hole, through which I crawled to see what the Chinese children are doing."

Forty years on, Qiu Huanxi, now as a retiree from the Jinjiang Hotel, has not yet got a chance to visit the United States. However, his daughter now works for the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. "At the end of last year, my daughter had a training course in the U.S. We even exchanged views about President Barack Obama through mobile phone when she was trained there," Qiu said. "Sure I look forward to having opportunity to visit the country."

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