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Lin's trademark bounce set to net top score (3)

By Zheng Xin (China Daily)

08:49, February 23, 2012

"There's no unified standard for being well-known," said Liu.

In reaction to the sudden appreciation in the trademark's value, many people may see this as a shortcut to wealth and prosperity.

"It would be a great job to speculate and register the names of NBA rookies and promising talents as trademarks," said Wang Yu, a 26-year-old Beijing resident. "I can easily make a fortune if one of the guesses is a hit."

However, lawyer Yu said it would be expensive and very risky to speculate like this.

"The applicant has to pay a 1000-yuan registration fee even if the trademark fails the examination process," said Yu. "If thousands of speculators scramble to register a potential super talent for a trademark, it would lead to nothing but a loss of money."

"Even if the applicant is entitled the use of the trademark, he is still risks having to return it."

Besides the trademark, the Chinese domain name bearing the name of the NBA hero, "", has also been registered in China and is currently for sale.

Jeremy Lin, a Harvard graduate from the department of economics, soared to stardom after seven straight wins in two weeks from Feb 5.

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