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China-Turkey ties enjoy broad prospect (2)

By Li Yida (People's Daily)

15:47, February 22, 2012

China is now the third biggest trade partner and the number one exporter of Turkey while Turkey runs the largest trade deficit with China. However, trade surplus is not China's goal and pursuit, and China is willing to work together with Turkey to pursue a more balanced trade relationship in development while continuously increasing bilateral trade volume. China and Turkey will strive to achieve a bilateral trade volume of 50 billion US dollars in 2015 and 100 billion US dollars in 2020.

He noted that with vigorous promotion of the two countries, the number of Chinese tourists to Turkey has increased rapidly to 120,000 in 2011 from about 4,000 annually three years ago. In addition, Turkish Airlines have increased the number of direct flights to China to 21 per week. Daily flights from Turkey to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are also available. China's Hainan Airlines and China Southern Airlines have also opened new air routes from Shanghai and Beijing to Istanbul through Urumqi. As the number of Chinese outbound tourists is increasingly rapidly, China and Turkey will have even larger cooperative space in tourism.

Gong said that over recent years, cultural and educational exchanges between China and Turkey are becoming increasingly closer with richer activity forms and contents. In particular, leaders of both countries have reached important consensus for holding Cultural Year in 2012 and 2013, which will provide an opportunity for the two nations to deepen cultural and educational exchanges and expand cooperation.

China Cultural Year opened in Ankara, Turkey's capital in December 2011. During 2012, 57 Chinese cultural activities will be held across Turkey's main cities and provinces, and Turkish people will have the chance to have the first-hand experience of Chinese cultural essence and improve their understanding of Chinese culture.

Gong said, Xi is visiting Turkey at the invitation of Turkish president Abdullah Gul and both sides have attached great importance to this trip. During the 41 years since the two countries established diplomatic ties and under leaders' care and efforts of related departments from both sides, bilateral political mutual trust has been enhanced. Economic and trade cooperation between China and Turkey has been improving steadily and cultural and educational exchanges have been increased.

With Xi's visit, China-Turkey strategic cooperative relationship will be deepened and pragmatic and friendly cooperation between the two sides in various areas will yield greater achievements.

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