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Explosions hit polling stations in Yemen's Aden, 1 policeman killed, 5 injured (2)


08:12, February 21, 2012

However, a source of the Southern Movement denied the accusation, saying that "the security situation in the south is already collapsed and government forces can't take control of the regions here."

"We refuse the fake elections by peaceful means and general strike not by bomb attacks, but the government started using force against the people in Aden either by storming houses of southern activists or by arresting campaigners." the source said.

Local government authorities have tightened security measures in Aden, where secessionists are calling for a boycott of Tuesday' s one-candidate presidential election, by deploying a large contingent of army troops, backed by dozens of armored vehicles across the province, according to local residents.

Leaders of the Southern Movement said they would boycott the early presidential election scheduled on Tuesday by preventing voters from casting their ballots in the voting day.

The Yemeni power-sharing government has geared up for the election, which is part of a UN-backed power transfer deal to ease President Ali Abdullah Saleh out of office and pull the impoverished Arab state back from possible civil war. Under the deal, which was signed by Saleh and the opposition in November 2011, the rival political parties nominated Vice President Abd- Rabbu Mansour Hadi as the sole presidential candidate for the early election. The anti-election riot showed the country's fragile security situation one day ahead of the elections that would end the rule of Saleh who is currently in the United States for medical treatment.

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