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Chinese movies make strong comeback at Berlin film fest (2)


12:28, February 18, 2012

"The Monkey King" first came to cinemas in China in 1964. This larger-than-life 3D picture was restored from 130,000 ink drawings and swings audiences through the adventures of the Monkey King Sun Wukong as he battles 100,000 heavenly warriors.

The directors of "The Monkey King" collaborated with 3D specialists from "Avatar" and the "Harry Potter" series.

Maryanne Redpath, who heads the "Generation" section, applauded the use of ultramodern 3D technology to enhance the power of the story.

"The makers of 'The Monkey King' had all the access to modern technology of this world, and they made a very Chinese film ... and it's very cultural," she said.

At the moment it still remains to be seen which films will be awarded the prestigious Bears on Feb. 18. As Germany just launched its Chinese Culture Year in January, the Chinese movies stand a good chance of winning.

After the winners are announced Saturday night, the Berlinale will close on Feb. 19.

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