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China confident for economic growth in 2012 (2)

(People's Daily)

16:36, February 16, 2012

In the area of the structural adjustment, structural adjustment tasks of various areas were carried out positively. Li said, “In 2011, the central government's investment in farmers, rural areas and agriculture production exceeded 1 trillion yuan and China's grain output has been increasing for eight successive years.” In the area of the industrial structure adjustment, China invested 15 billion yuan to continue promoting developments of its strategic emerging industries.

Li believes that China's cause of the people's livelihood was the brightest spot in 2011. While the economic growth had slowed down, the total number of the urban jobs newly created in 2011 set a new record and reached 12.21 million, up 36 percent compared to the goal of 9 million. The affordable housing project was carried out fully. The 10 million affordable houses started construction on schedule. The social security cause made an important progress too.

Li is very confident on the situation of 2012: “China's domestic demand potential is very huge and has not been fully fulfilled yet. Although the international situation of 2012 will still be severe and complicated, China will still be able to maintain a steady and relatively rapid economic development momentum because of various favorable factors.

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