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Chinese VP meets Obama, senior US officials on bilateral ties (4)

By Xinhua writers Wu Liming, Qian Tong and Bai Jie (Xinhua)

16:23, February 15, 2012

On Tuesday afternoon, Xi visited the Petagon and met with U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Edward Panetta. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, also attended the meeting.

Prior to the meeting, Panetta hosted a welcoming ceremony in honor of Xi in front of the Pentagon, which was described by local media as a "rare" honor for a vice president of a foreign country.

On late Tuesday afternoon, Xi addressed a business symposium, and on Tuesday evening, Xi was invited to attend a welcoming banquet hosted by Biden.

Xi's visit has generated extraordinary interest from international and U.S. media. The photo session of his meeting with Obama was live broadcast by major local broadcasters including CNN.

On Wednesday, Xi is scheduled to visit the Capitol Hill and meet with U.S. Congress leaders, and to address a roundtable meeting of business leaders.

On Wednesday afternoon, he will leave Washington for Muscatine, Iowa to meet his old friends he got to know 27 years ago.

Xi started his five-day official visit to the United States on Monday as a guest of Biden.

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